Harrison Ford and His Plane Crash

I see that he is said to have broken his ankle in the plane crash on the golf course – at least he probably still has an iWALK 2.0 and knows how to use it!

Get well soon, Harrison!

Daily Mail’s picture below and article here.

Harrison Ford's Ryan PT-22 Recruit after the crash
Harrison Ford’s Ryan PT-22 Recruit after the crash

Fleet Street Fox gives the iWalk 2.0 an accidental plug

It was very kind of Fleet Street Fox (Susie Boniface) to give the iWalk 2.0 an inadvertent plug in the Daily Mirror in her piece based on the hype about the new Star Wars, in which they kindly used a couple of pictures of Harrison Ford (what, him again?) on his iWalk 2.0 back in the summer. She mentioned a figure of $127 million for “special effects, JJ Abrams’ fee and Harrison Ford’s ankle” but I am delighted to report that, of that figure, Mr Ford’s iWalk 2.0 was only £150 worth!

If you hate your crutches and need the use of your hands (Harrison didn’t actually need to hang on to the handle like he was doing in those pictures) it’s a bargain worthy of the Black Friday phenomenon that she was moaning about but available all year round from us.

Bath Rugby

I had a fascinating visit yesterday to Farleigh House, Bath Rugby’s training ground. It’s a stunning place for them to work and the physios and medics I met really seemed to like the iWALK 2.0. Even a 6ft 7in, 124kg second row forward can use the device as its strength and range of adjustment means it will do the job. More stories later once we get reports from the player who will actually be using it for real. Thanks to (uninjured) Will Spencer for acting as the guinea pig while the medical team saw what the iWALK 2.0 can do to help a player who is temporarily non weight-bearing.

2.0 in the UK

Our first delivery of the iWALKFree 2.0 has landed in the UK and been released by customs, which means we should have them for sale late next week. If you want to pre-order one just drop us an email and we’ll send you a Paypal invoice. Price is £149.95 plus £16.14 for next-day delivery to most of mainland UK. If you are in somewhere like the Isle of Wight, Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland or Isle of Man we can quote you for delivery, which we pass on at cost.

Musing About Crutches

Bad luck to Matt Bellamy of Muse, who Tweeted from @MattBellamy the other day that he had broken his foot. Article in the Daily Mail here with pictures of him looking fed up on crutches, presumably because he has had to cancel three tour dates.

I Tweeted him the offer of an iWALKFree to use but he hasn’t yet come rushing (or hobbling) to our door. I was amused at his suggestion of performing on a Segway but finding that it got in the way of his guitar – not a problem he’d have with an iWALKFree!